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January 1, 2012
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What are these UF challenges?
How do challenges work and how can I participate?
Can I help promoting the challenges in some way?
What if I have an idea for a future challenge?

You can find all this information and more in the Ultra Fractal challenges FAQ, which is also part of our very first UF challenge, the one for February 2011.
If you already know the rules, then you're good to go - read on for this month's challenge!

Previous editions:

You can find all of the previous challenges in this journal. Please keep in mind that the challenge rules changed after the 26th edition!

Links to ALL UF challenges (updated periodically!)Since the UF challenges are growing in number, instead of linking them all in each new one, I thought I'd make a collection journal for all of them. This will contain all challenges held so far, from the newest (top) to the oldest (bottom), all conveniently thumbed for you! It will also be updated each month so that ALL challenges are reachable from here, even the newer ones. And this journal will of course be linked in every challenge, to keep them all connected :aww:
Here we go!

Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 29 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 28 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 27 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 26 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 25 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 24 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 23 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 22 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 21 by heavenriver

Now we can go on with the last challenge's results, and then I will introduce this month's challenge to you all.

Here is the December challenge, themed "Holiday Bash". Unfortunately, only two deviants participated:

December by Gerda1946     Globe of Christmas by Leichenengel

But they still managed to deliver very Christmas-sy works! Leichenengel's red and green chromatic feast is a twist of different shapes, while Gerda1946 presents us with a monochrome electric blue and a stellar leitmotif. Both works greatly echo Christmas trees, shapes, and colours.

So they get featured on par, unlike you lazy folks who didn't even care to make a single holiday fractal in a whole month. Ha! :rofl:
Well, childish pointless observations aside...

We're done for December. (And for 2011 as well!) On to January!

Ultra Fractal monthly challenges Redux

Challenge #12: January 2012

January's challenge will be a Formula challenge - its title being Pearly Perlin!

We're going to start the new year with a simple guideline of a somewhat difficult execution: making good fractal art with the Perlin Noise formula, found in aho.ufm in the UF formula database. You may use any colouring algorithm and/or mapping of your choice, but all fractal layers MUST use the Perlin Noise fractal formula.
While it may seem like a rather strict rule, it really isn't, as it is a very versatile formula which may bring to unexpected, beautiful results!
You can see some of my Perlin abstracts here:

Where Your Twin Star Shines by heavenriver Heaven Awaits by heavenriver Cloud Age Symphony by heavenriver Hollow by heavenriver Lake Bodom by heavenriver

A lot of artists have proven themselves very skillful at making wonderful Perlin-based fractal art. These are just some of the examples!

Sistino by infinite-art Pilgrimage by infinite-art Remaining Sense of Pain by OutsideFate Painting of Soul by OutsideFate The Scene by Beesknees67 Abyss by LeXXe -WinterIsComing- by silwenka

Remember: to enter the challenge, post your deviation's link and thumb in a comment of this journal. ALSO: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LINK THIS NEWS ARTICLE IN THE DEVIATION. (Sorry for stating it so strongly, but I've had lots of people saying they'd enter the challenge without even stating it in their deviation comments, so I figured I'd better add this specification somewhere!)

Please spread the word by advertising this news article - we definitely want more participants. The more, the merrier!

Be sure to watch out for next month's challenge too, as it will be our FIRST CHALLENGE ANNIVERSARY! :D

This challenge's deadline is January 31st. Ready, set, GO!!! :eager:
The UF challenges have finally come to their twelfth edition, completing the first one-year cycle! Let's all welcome 2012 with a warm hug, new fractal features, and an exciting new challenge for all of you to participate and discover.
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Me too, me too! Somehow you dissapeared from my watch list and I wondered why there are no new works from you. Well, added you back, so I'm up to date. I guess I won't have a chance, so many fantastic fractals to see, but joining in is fun anyway. Here's my piece:

heavenriver Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm kind of puzzled about the "deleted from watchlist" thing! But anyway, glad you got back to us on time. Thanks for your entry. :D
Me too! As I was checking your account today, I found out you are active and loading up images. I checked my watchlist and you were not there anymore....can just be a bug from dA.
FractalEuphoria Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my entry for the challenge! [link] :thumb282135593: I made it right after you posted the challenge, and I remembered today that I still hadn't uploaded it to dA and entered it in the challenge :lol:
heavenriver Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:lol: Three more days and the challenge would have expired! Good luck you saw it before the end! Thank you for your entry. :hug:
FractalEyes Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I finally made a new fractal - [link] (my entry for this month's challenge.)
heavenriver Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a nice way to start fractaling again! Thank you very much for entering!
This is my entry [link] for this challenge! Good to see such great participation! :sprint:
If you don't like this one, i have 40 or 50 more! It was a fun filled exploration! :woohoo:
heavenriver Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:wow: I have just had a look at your gallery, you did some fantastic things with Perlin!
Glad you liked the formula so much! :D You're in!
Thank you so much Alice! I did find a few that followed the norm of the examples but got distracted pretty quickly and moved toward more micro forms. I spend A LOT OF TIME exploring this formula that to this point had only been a texture for me. GREAT suggestion! I'm still not done with it... stand by.
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