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February 1, 2011


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Apophysis challenges have been hosted for more than a year by f--l--A--r--k, with much success and participation from the fractal community. Following his example, Fractal-Explorer started a series of challenges for the aforementioned program; though still relatively new, they're faring very well too. But what about Ultra Fractal, one of the most used and versatile fractal programs? Since when Ultra-Fractal's monthly challenges have been put on hiatus, nothing has been done to replace them up to date. So what about doing something now? Here's my project: Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges - Redux!

Let's do things orderly and methodically.
This first news article will contain general information about my UF challenges project, how to participate, how to suggest, and what's it all about. After the general news, this month's challenge will be written down. Stay tuned and read on!

So, what are these UF challenges?

Challenges for Ultra Fractal, of course. Each month, a new one will be proposed; participation is obviously free, and you can enter up to three fractals per challenge.
Challenges will be divided into:
- Formula challenges: challenges based on the usage of a particular formula and/or colouring algorithm and/or mapping (the last one will perhaps come later on, as it is a more advanced kind of challenge). Users will be limited to the sole usage of one (or more) particular formulas and will be prompted to create an artistically interesting fractal with it. Users taking part in this challenge are strongly advised to share their parameters with others for learning purposes, even though they are not forced to.
- Theme challenges: challenges focused on recreating a particular object or feel through various fractal expedients. These will be typically open for interpretation and - usually - no formula restriction will be applied.
- Style challenges: challenges focused on emulating a particular artistic style or movement (e. g.: Impressionism) through various fractal expedients. These will be typically open for interpretation and - usually - no formula restriction will be applied.
- Other challenges: challenges of a kind not listed above. These may vary in difficulty and application, from challenges with a limited amount of layers to use, to challenges with a definite gradient, etc.
I'll do my best to vary both in themes and kinds of challenges. That is, let's suppose May's challenge is a style challenge. This means June's will most likely not be a style challenge. Suppose June's challenge is a formula challenge; chances are likely that July won't be a formula challenge, and so on.

UPDATE ~ APRIL 2013: From now on, ALL four challenges will be held at the same time, and each challenge will feature one single winner each month. Users may enter as many challenges as they like, with up to three fractals per challenge, making it a maximum of twelve total fractals per month! :nod:
You may also find a collection of all challenges held so far here:

Links to ALL UF challenges (updated periodically!)Since the UF challenges are growing in number, instead of linking them all in each new one, I thought I'd make a collection journal for all of them. This will contain all challenges held so far, from the newest (top) to the oldest (bottom), all conveniently thumbed for you! It will also be updated each month so that ALL challenges are reachable from here, even the newer ones. And this journal will of course be linked in every challenge, to keep them all connected :aww:
Here we go!

Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 37 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 36 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 35 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 34 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 33 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 32 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 31 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 30 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 29 by heavenriver

How do challenges work and how can I participate?

You can participate by simply making a fractal that respects the challenge's prompt and then posting a comment on the challenge's article with the LINK and THUMB of your deviation. Remember to specify what type of challenge - Formula, Theme, Style, or Other - you're entering your fractal in!
Remember: up to three entries per challenge, per person. You may enter in as many challenges as you like.
You will not be asked to provide your parameters for checking, so please do not cheat - it defeats the purpose of the challenge. If you wish, you can share your parameters publicly on the deviation's description. This is especially advised for Formula challenge entries.
Challenges will start around the beginning of the month (let's say the first week) and will run throughout all of it, until the very last day. Each month's last day will be the deadline for submitting challenge entries. Consequentially, the new month's challenge will be posted.
All entries will be featured in the following month's challenge. The entries that have made the strongest impression on me will be featured first, adding a short comment about why I liked them. We may as well introduce a voting option in the future - I'll think about that. For now, let's start with something easy-peasy, all right? Let's go on!

Can I help promoting the challenges in some way?

Of course you can! You're free to link this news article in any journal entry, group blog, other news articles and such - any initiative is welcome and much appreciated! If you do promote it, please let me know by commenting this journal and linking your promotion. I'll dedicate some lines to all those willing to spread the news about UF challenges with a personal thanks that will go in my next journal entry and our next challenge, the March one.
Fractal groups are also welcome to create folders exclusively for UF challenges if they would like to.

What if I have an idea for a future challenge?

Please send me, heavenriver, a Note and tell me about your challenge prompt. Make the title look something like "UF Challenge prompt", "Challenge idea" or something of the sort so that I can recognize it instantly.
If your challenge will be picked and chosen as a month's theme, you'll be credited and mentioned in that one month's journal, along with a small feature of some of your works. This is to encourage people to suggest, suggest, suggest and - did I not mention suggest?
We all like creativity. Let's share it, and something wonderful will surely happen.

Please remember that the aim of the UF challenges is to improve us all as fractalists. As such, please do not feel offended if your piece is not chosen, or if I can't offer anything as a prize (donations are welcome though!). Rule number one: have fun! Rule number two: if you have fun, it's all right! Rule number three: always respect the first two rules!

I'm done. And now, without further ado, let me present you all with...

Ultra Fractal monthly challenges Redux

Challenge #01: February 2011

February's challenge will be a Theme challenge - its title being Flower Power!

Fractal flowers are quite commonly seen in UF galleries, but of course we don't want a flower that can be seen everywhere, do we?
In this challenge, what I ask of you is to create "hippy" flowers, flowers that can really bring us back to the good ol' 80s, shining with reminiscences of the flower children. Be sure to make gorgeous, sparkling, happy compositions.
No formula restriction on this one: go with whatever you may like and give us your best shot. I made the first challenge more flexible on purpose so as to welcome all of you to create basing on your personal style and ways.

Remember: to enter the challenge, post your deviation's thumb in a comment of this journal!

Here are a few of my fractal flowers, to help you get inspired:

One Last Scorching Day by heavenriver Alice by heavenriver Yours Forever by heavenriver

And here, some wondeful floral fantasies from all over dA!

Purple Lotus by Funygrl In Bloom by Funygrl Printemps by lindelokse Tiger Lily by lindelokse Wonderland - Technicolor by magnusti78 August by magnusti78 -RoseGarden- by silwenka Art of the Florist by Velvet--Glove Pink Effusion by Velvet--Glove Winter Grace by Aeires Midnight Dreams by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel Four Spirals - Winter by Mookiezoolook Vernal Evening by Shadoweddancer Fire Flowers by Yasny-chan Lost Paradise by Avalonwing Rainy Days Of October by LithMyathar Untitled flowers,frozen by LithMyathar Sakura for Jocelyne by Liuanta

This challenge's deadline is February 28th. Ready, set, GO!!! :eager:
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